Working Man's Must-Haves: 5 Home Office Accessories You Can't Miss

Working from home comes with many freedoms -- the chance to conduct conference calls in your pyjamas, more flexible working hours, and most of all, ultimate control over your work environment. 

Where you work has an enormous impact on the work that you produce. Make the most of your space -- and the time you spend in it -- with these 5 home office accessories that will boost your mood and your productivity.


1. Cogwheel Wall Clock

If you’re running low on desk space or have a little too much wall space, this designer walnut clock is an easy and stylish solution. Made of five separate layers of hand-finished walnut, the Cogwheel clock is unique and made with exceptional care. The pattern of the cogs on top of each other adds texture and visual interest to any room, while the dark walnut coloring adds a subtle, but masculine touch to the room.

2. Click Cube Clock

The 9 to 5 just wouldn’t be the same without a clock to stare longingly at as the day ticks on and happy hour ticks ever closer. The Click Cube Clock makes watching the day dribble by more enjoyable, with a smooth metal exterior that operates sans cords for a clean and clutter-free desktop. With a display showing the temperature, date, and time, you’ll have easy access to all sorts of information at your fingertips.

3. Samdi Walnut Headphone Stand

It’s been proven that music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable and boosts productivity levels and overall happiness. With such stellar benefits to gain, it’s no wonder so many people treat themselves to tunes while they work.

Samdi’s Headset Stand lets you treat your headphones just as well as you treat yourself. With a sleek walnut presence, it’s as aesthetic as a headset stand can be, and is key in keeping your desk organised and your headphones out of harm’s way. A must for any music-enthusiast.

4. Decorative Cup Warmer

Where there’s an office, there’s coffee, or at the very least tea. And when coffee’s involved, there’s no messing around -- the caffeine’s there to keep you going all day, and sometimes it works a little too well, resulting in a half finished cup of unintentional cold brew. Luckily, some genius invented cup warmers and Norpro perfected it with a sleek marble finish. This cup warmer is all kinds of useful and looks good while doing it -- our favorite.

5. Barn Wood Plant Holders

Working inside all day is a tough adjustment from weekend adventures, but these airplants and accompanying wall mounts bring the outside in to create a more livable and scenic work environment. The plants themselves only need a quick misting twice a week, making them easy to maintain, and the reclaimed barn wood backdrop of their backings adds rugged character. All the best things come in threes, but these plants can easily be split up to brighten other areas of the home, as well.

March 02, 2017 by Karen Warfield

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