Wooden Watches, Yay or Nay?

“My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” -- Steve Jobs


Even outside of the tech world, Steve Jobs knows what's up. Time is one of the most important elements in this fast paced life -- but with the invention of watches in the 19
th century, telling time has come to encompass much more than just keeping track of hours, minutes, and seconds.

Watches today are a staple of the bachelor's wardrobe, an important piece to elevate an entire outfit to the next level of aesthetics and to make an important statement about one's taste.



Inspired by the design of pocket watches, wooden watches are the newest bad boys in the market. Naysayers point fingers for these designs being bulky; however, recent models rival even the top traditional watchmakers in terms of finesse and design.

Others believe that wooden watches aren't as resistant to the elements as traditional watches due to their wooden composition. But nearly all wood watches use a combination of copper, leather, and polycarbonate, which means that they can endure a whole lot more than just wood. Even better, wooden watches can age over time so that they ultimately look even better than the day you purchased them.



Another key advantage to this new trend: those who are allergic to traditional watches with stainless steel backings can rejoice. Wooden watches solve the whole “I want to wear a watch but I can’t” dilemma with backings made from wood. Goodbye allergic reactions and hello style.


In short, these watches are lightweight and easily complement any outfit, be it dressing up for a guys night out or dressing down for a casual backyard barbeque. We've seen them everywhere the past few weeks -- can't wait to see them on you.


March 02, 2017 by Karen Warfield

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