Top 3 Knitted Ties to Transition from Winter to Spring

Winter’s out and Spring is in. With seasons changing before our eyes, it’s time to turn our attention away from weather reports and towards our wardrobe. Wave goodbye to heavy wool, dark shades, and thick coats. It’s time to make the transition towards lighter colors, fresher prints, and sunnier days.

As scarves and gloves are tossed aside, rest assured that there’s one item of clothing that doesn’t need switching out: the knitted tie.



Knitted ties are versatile in that regardless of the time of year, they fit in just fine. In the spring and summer, the material is light enough that it doesn’t bog down an outfit, the slightly open weave giving a breezy appearance to your outfit. In the colder months, the cut of the tie is just thick enough that it adds weight to a look, achieving an ideal balance between seasons and styles.



Another major plus to knitted ties is their ability to transition from roaming the streets to riding the desk at work. Whether paired with a casual denim button down or a full on suit, knitted ties dress up an outfit and add the unique styling touch that sets the best bachelor apart from the bulk of men around him. 


Here are our top three picks when it comes to knitted ties:


1. Red Knitted Slim Silk Tie -- €34.95



The bright red dye job on this knit tie is all kinds of confident. Whether you're repping it on a first date or on stage presenting at a conference, this T.M. Lewin piece speaks for itself. Although a single tie starts at €34.95, the price drops to €30 when multiple ties are ordered -- the perfect way to kick off your knitted tie collection.


2. Skinny Knitted Light Blue Tie With Navy Tip -- €19.99



This Frederick Thomas tie is hand knitted and of the best quality, a proper investment when it comes to expanding your tie collection. While baby blue might not be the traditional go-to colour for bachelors, the navy tip gives it a masculine edge that even the most conservative dresser can't deny.


3. Navy Stripe Knit Tie -- €22



This striped option switches things up with its fun, yet dignified pattern. The stripes give the tie visual movement, which pairs with the knitted texture so that it stands out as a remarkable piece of interest in an outfit. The materials for this tie are all sourced from only the best providers, so not only will this tie look good, it'll also last. With the ability to ride from season to season, a long lifetime is key. And this tie is ready to unlock your fashion potential.

March 21, 2017 by Karen Warfield

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