The Holy Trinity of Looking Your Best

In the ranking of all things blessed and sacred in the world of men's fashion, there are three things that shine above all else -- the Holy Trinity of looking good, if you will.

 If you care to indulge us, and indulge your look, read on, bachelors.



1. Specially selected clothes that fit not only the style of the times, but your unique look.

We're all capable of following trends, whether it's scoping them out in specialised blogs, attending high-class fashion shows, or simply scrolling through our Instagram feeds to see what our friends and favourite celebrities are repping.

But while everyone from your little brother to your fashion idol might be in tune with what's trending, not everyone is capable of taking pieces of those looks and individualising them to fit their specific style. The key to a put together look from day to day is to examine your current wardrobe and then to integrate new trends into your existing styles. 



So, while you might be seeing Yeezy's everywhere, if you usually lean towards sleek trousers and button downs, they may not fit your style as well as you might think. This leads to unworn shoes and money that could've been spent elsewhere -- a lose-lose  that, with the right hindsight, can be easily avoided.

Long story short, if you can't see the item you're considering purchasing going well with at least three separate outfits in your closet, let it be. Someone else will be happy to snatch it up, and you'll be even happier to save your funds for that camel coat that fits with your look perfectly. 



2. An experienced tailor with your best fit in mind.

Once you find clothes that compliment your aesthetic, it's time to elevate them to the next level. You thought it couldn't get any better, right? But it can -- with the help of a good tailor.

Men's clothing is distributed in bulk -- great for lower prices -- but it's also designed for the bulk of the population. This means that unless you're rocking the exact average body type for men or by some miracle have the same measurements as the model the line used during the design process, the clothes that you buy probably don't fit you as well as they could and, well, should.



Well-practiced tailors can work wonders on anything from a pair of joggers to a full fledged tuxedo, taking in excess material for a closer fit or even expanding certain areas that you've outgrown after too many trips to the gym. Word on the street is that alterations are an expensive pursuit, especially after splurging on a new product, but the reality is that they're not that pricey (most are only about €20-30 per visit).

Alterations are worth every penny to make that blazer or sport coat fit your body like a glove. The more you visit a tailor, the better acquainted they'll become with your form, and the better results you'll see. A €15 dress shirt from H&M can be easily transformed to resemble a €75+ product from a high class line, so while it may seem like a silly investment, you'll absolutely see the pay off. And so will the people around you.




3. A barber that dresses your hair to match the way that you dress yourself.

Once you've got your material clothes all sorted and sized properly with some handy alterations, the last step to conquering the fashion frontier is a slick-do that can't be outdone. And unless you've mastered shears as successfully as you've mastered fashion, the best course of action is to seek out an accomplished barber. 

Finding the right hairdresser can be difficult -- and anxiety inducing. While snapbacks might be making a comeback for the upcoming summer months, they're not ideal to wear day in and day out while covering up a bad haircut. For this reason, it's immensely important that you research your barber beforehand.



The best way to find a good hair dresser? Ask friends or browse online accounts to find example of local barbers' previous work. Just like you'd want to see a tattoo artist's gallery of past pieces, you'll want to see the same for your hair dresser, so take the time to sort through their Instagram and Facebook account to really know what you're getting into. You might even find inspiration for your next look.

Once you've found the right barber, come prepared with a few examples of the cut you'd prefer. Of course, certain styles are more flattering for certain face shapes, which is why finding the proper hair stylist is key. They should be able to tell you which one will suit you best and they should also teach you how to style it -- ensuring that you look top of the line, from the gym to black tie events. After all, the first thing people notice is your face and what better way to draw attention to it than with a killer cut.

March 12, 2017 by Karen Warfield

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