Free watches? Is this real life?

Pinch your arms as many times as you need to, splash some water on your face, and smile as big as you can, 'cause many of our watches really are free.

No this isn't a scam -- just the result of some over zealous ordering and some overfilled factory warehouses that are in desperate need of space for our newest Spring and Summer products.



The Debon


We've gotten quite a few inquiries about how we can afford to sell so much of our stock for free. Here's the breakdown of how this great deal has come to be for you, and how it's affecting us.


More Traffic

Since changing the prices of our watches to zip, zilch, zero, we've seen an enormous increase in traffic to our site. Turns out people like free stuff -- who would've figured?

With so many more page views, we've seen an increase in orders. Our data reflects that quite a few customers have dropped by to pick up a free watch and added another product to their basket while they were shopping.


The Onyx


More Space

Since we've started this deal, we've seen watches flying left and right, north and south, all around the globe. While it's been pretty cool to see our products shipping out to so many locations, it's also been pretty cool to be able to see the floor of our warehouse again. So much room for activities! But more importantly, room for new products.



The Kanon



More Products

Now that we have more space, we're able to offer more products on our site. We're always super excited to introduce new items to our customers -- there's a lot of work that goes into designing and developing them, so the opportunity to launch these products has us all kinds of over the moon.


The Executive


More Time

The less time we spend worrying about extra inventory, the more time we can dedicate to serious mind-benders. Like how many ties to order, the most stylish looks for next year, and the meaning of life. All very important things to ponder. 



The Geneve


More Smiles

Okay, this one is cheesy, but seriously guys! Free watches are like free hugs -- everyone who receives one can't help but be happy, and given the reviews we've gotten, we're very happy too. A win-win and a big ol' grin for everyone.



The Stealth Edition


We hope this explains our choice to offer our products for the best possible price! Truly, it's not a scam, just a clever ploy for us to accomplish a few goals and simultaneously make you happy. To scope out our full watch selection, click here.

April 04, 2017 by Karen Warfield

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