Earn Your Look, Grow a Beard

The ultimate accessory isn’t bought at a store or gifted from a friend. Rather, it's grown.



Beards debuted earlier than any fashion statement, adding a touch of ruggedness to any man before modern day hipsters could refine the look. Scientists muse that facial hair developed to serve three purposes -- warmth, protection, and intimidation.

These days, we have heaters and scarves to keep our cheeks safe from the elements. Easy access to grocery stores, up and coming cafes, and rogue food carts has minimised our need for extra padding to prevent scratches while en route for prey. But the intimidation factor of the beard? It’s still going strong.



The purpose of beards in prehistoric times was to present a thicker, stronger looking jawline. Beards attracted potential mates and scared away any competitors who couldn’t keep up, establishing a dominant and sought-after man -- this is known as the intimidation factor.

In ancient civilizations, beards were a sign of honor, cut only when defeat reared its ugly head. The most prominent warrior of any army was easily identified by the impressive growth upon his chin, a trademark of prowess and strength.



However, haters will hate, and in 345 B.C., Alexander the Great announced that beards presented a weakness since an opponent could grab them as leverage during a battle. Men started shaving, forbidden from depicting their individual style, and beard lovers everywhere were devastated.

Like all fickle things, Alexander the Great’s beard-ban came to pass, and beards were restored to their heyday once more. Behind many great men in history there was one commonality -- a well kept beard.

Otto the Great, the Holy Roman Emperor, was known for swearing by his beard, asserting it as his most treasured possession. Sir Thomas More, when sent to the guillotine for treason, reportedly pushed his beard aside, declaring that “It has never committed treason” and ought to be protected from justice’s final blow.



About 55% of males worldwide boast beards today. Between 2008 and 2013, beard transplant operations grew by over 600% due to resurfacing trends and the aesthetic appeal of the strong jawline that facial hair offers.


But with more than half the population of men boasting beards, how do you stand out from the crowd? 


The first step to accomplishing the bearded look and dominating the facial hair trend is to use the proper tools. While good for a hasty shave, a cheap plastic razor won’t make the cut in this competitive field.

Instead, reach for a straight razor. But be warned -- these razors can’t be handled by any ordinary man. Only the most brave and dedicated can prevail, accomplishing steady-handed victory over any stray hairs.



If it’s your first attempt at perfectly molded facial hair, try starting with a simple straight razor. Not only will it contour your beard perfectly, but it’ll be the ultimate proof of manhood to anyone who happens a glance into your medicine cabinet.

Next, a shaving brush is paramount to success. Look for one with badger hair, the mark of a quality tool that will hold water and soap readily in order to build the perfect lather needed for a close and tidy shave.



Finally, a sharpening strap will keep your straight razor as sharp as your look as you continue mastering your craft, and your style, each day.

Once you’ve assembled your perfect kit and learned new skills in the trade, your beard will be a statement. A beacon of manliness and strength that stands out from the crowd, the essential accessory for the modern man.



Invest in a straight razor and earn your look, upgrade your lifestyle, and stand up out with the most unique accessory that’s not available on any market. Beards are in, and this time, there’s no Alexander the Great to stop them.

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March 02, 2017 by Karen Warfield

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