Best of the Best: Top 5 Watches Under €75

Best of the Best: Top 5 Watches Under €75

There are three things that contribute to a lasting first impression for a man: his style, his punctuality, and his handshake. We’ve compiled the very best watches to meet these qualifications -- with any of these five affordable looks, you’re ensured a superior entrance to any setting.


1. Accurist: Men’s Classic €74.99

The Accurist Men’s Classic is a favorite among high calibre men with high up positions, making its name as the best workplace accessory since the briefcase. The silver detailing and cool black watch face are elegant, yet powerful, ideal for the working bachelor. Of all the watches on the list, this one rides the line of formality the furthest -- a shining silver knight with just a hint of a dark side.


2. Breda Leather Strap €36

Breda’s Leather Strap watch is a casual classic, perfect for a relaxed weekend or a night at the pub with some buddies. The turquoise accent around the watch’s face puts a spin on its classic brown leather design, making it fit for any modern, roaming man. The stitching on the piece is carefully done -- the marker of a quality product that has the potential to last for years.


3. Kaville: The Renoir €40

With a black leather band, rich gold accents, and a white face, Kaville’s Renoir is versatile -- fit for days in the office or nights out on the town -- and easy to style. Kaville’s known for their high quality materials, so the Renoir is a safe bet both from a fashion and financial standpoint. A win-win in our book, and a best seller when it comes to well dressed bachelors.


4. Bratleboro: Original €30

There’s not a feature of Bratleboro’s Original timepiece that isn’t in your face. It’s bold, with a bright orange band and an even edgier face -- the perfect statement piece to jazz up an outfit from casual to contemporary. Bratleboro is renowned for their affordable prices, and this budget watch is worth every penny.


5. 666: Raval €64.99

The 666 Raval is all about consistency and bare minimalism. With a white face, silver accents, and a black band, the Raval acts as a plain backdrop for whatever style you want to put forward and matches easily with most looks. It’s easy to wear, and easy to order from 666 -- perfect for the no-fuss gentleman on the go.
February 16, 2017 by Karen Warfield

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